About Us

AfectaDerm®, a division of Afecta Pharmaceuticals, is dedicated to developing a direct to consumer (DTC) non-prescription product pipeline combining natural bio-active ingredients in proprietary consumer and market-proven topical skin delivery technologies.

Innovating the Science of Skincare

Preserve, Restore, and Protect

Everyone’s skin is different.  It is the largest organ of the human body and your age, environment, diet physical and mental health along with your genes all affect its well-being as well as its appearance.   The science of your skins health, its proper care and optimum appearance can be best understood through a comprehensive approach to its complex biology and how those various factors affect it function and appearance.

Learning about the physiology, cellular and even molecular biology of your skin and its important so you can make better, more informed decisions on how to care for your skin and select the best produce for its care.  AfectaDerm is the cosmeceutical division of Afecta Pharmaceuticals and we apply the same scientific principles and rigorous approaches that are used to create cutting edge new prescription medicines to create cosmetic and aesthetic products matched to you specific needs.   We harness the miracles found in natural compounds to create our product.  We are committed to sustainable, organic and ethical sourcing of our ingredients whenever possible and we do not utilize animals in our testing.

Areas of Product Focus